Hey there, future leaders! Your Elite Student Coach here, back with another dose of inspiration in embracing diversity. Today, we’re diving into the world of Asha Federico, a phenomenal young woman from Lakewood High School in Colorado. Asha isn’t your average student – she’s a soccer player, a skier, a musician, and most importantly, an individual who embraces diversity with open arms. 

Finding Your Fit: Beyond Labels

Asha’s story begins on the soccer field, where she found her calling as a right-wing midfielder. Now, this might seem like a simple fact, but it highlights a crucial lesson: don’t be afraid to define your own path.  Initially, Asha was placed on the left wing based on a stereotype – left-handed equals left-footed. She knew her strengths lay elsewhere, and she didn’t hesitate to speak up and find the position that best suited her skills.  Remember, your potential isn’t confined by labels.

Beyond the Scoreboard: The Joy of the Game

Asha may not be the most competitive player, but her passion for soccer shines through. It’s a reminder that success isn’t always about winning. It’s about enjoying the process, learning from your teammates, and pushing your own boundaries.  This philosophy extends beyond the soccer field. Whether Asha is conquering double black diamond slopes on her skis or playing the viola in the school orchestra, she approaches each activity with a spirit of exploration and growth.

Living with Hearing Impairment: Challenges and Triumphs

Asha’s story also sheds light on a unique experience – living with a hearing impairment. This is where embracing diversity takes center stage. Asha’s hearing doesn’t define her, it shapes her.  A 504 plan ensures her academic success, while a heightened focus on body language makes her a more intuitive teammate on the field. In music, her hearing challenges don’t hold her back; they influence her approach and appreciation for the viola.  Remember, obstacles can be opportunities. They can force you to develop new skills and see the world from a different perspective.

Communication Beyond Words: Building Synergy

Most importantly, Asha’s story is about overcoming communication barriers.  On the soccer field, she relies on non-verbal cues and a strong connection with her teammates.  This is a valuable lesson for any aspiring leader. Communication isn’t just about words; it’s about understanding, empathy, and building relationships. 

Finding Harmony Within Yourself

Asha Federico is an inspiration.  She embraces the diverse facets of her identity, excelling not just in one field, but in many.  Remember, being a well-rounded individual is not about mastery in one area, but about finding harmony within yourself.

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