This page is dedicated to our mentees and their tremendous success stories since starting Elite Student Coach. From getting accepted into the university of their dreams, to building skills sets which make them unstoppable.

Navin Federico

Navin, a second-semester biochemistry and molecular biology student at UC Davis, has made remarkable strides in both his academic and personal life. Emerging from a rigorous International Baccalaureate program in Colorado, he initially struggled with the self-directed nature of college but has since found his footing. 

Navin’s proactive stance on securing research positions as a freshman, particularly in fields related to his major, demonstrates his foresight and dedication to his future career in STEM.

He’s also accumulated scholarship offers from various universities, totaling around $450,000, reflecting his academic prowess and appealing personal profile.

These achievements, coupled with his thoughtful insights on college applications and the importance of authenticity and self-reflection, paint a picture of a young man who is not only academically gifted but also deeply introspective and mature beyond his years.

Anya Bhaskar

Anya, a high school junior and one of our mentees, has demonstrated exceptional initiative and leadership through her successful fundraising effort to create hygiene kits for homeless women. Recognizing the crucial need for menstrual care products among this vulnerable group, who often prioritize spending on essentials like food and diapers.

Collaborating with Simply The Basics, a company that aligns with her mission to empower individuals through basic hygiene, Anya leveraged their platform to amplify her fundraising efforts.

Through her strategic and empathetic approach, she managed to exceed her initial financial goal within weeks, raising over $4,100 from a starting target of $2,900. This achievement not only provided essential items to those in need but also proved to be a profound personal journey of empowerment and affirmation of her capabilities.

Dahlia Broberg

Dahlia Broberg is from Berwyn, Pennsylvania, and is currently studying at Northeastern University, where she is majoring in international business with a minor in international affairs.
She graduated from Tonastoga High School, known for its rigorous academics and comprehensive programs in both STEM and humanities. Dahlia has a profound passion for music and the arts; she has been involved in music from a young age, participated in programs like School of Rock, and even performed at prestigious venues. Alongside her musical pursuits, Dahlia is committed to volunteer work, particularly in hospice music therapy, where she works closely with her mother, a music therapist.
Her interests extend to sustainability and human rights, areas she hopes to impact through her future career in international business.

Asha Federico

Asha is an inspiring young woman with a diverse set of talents and interests. Diagnosed as hard of hearing at birth, Asha has developed a positive and empowering view of her hearing aids, which she affectionately refers to as her “superheroes.” 

From an early age, Asha was introduced to music by her parents, who enrolled her in piano lessons. She quickly took to the instrument, which became a significant part of her life, allowing her to express herself creatively despite her hearing impairment. Asha’s musical journey did not stop at the piano; she also explored other instruments like the viola, although piano remained her favorite.

Asha’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her project creating “hearing aid charms,” which she initially donated to a children’s hospital. This project expanded as she began selling the charms at various events and online, aiming to help other young people with hearing impairments see their devices as something to embrace rather than hide. This endeavor has grown significantly, with Asha hoping to impact people worldwide positively.

In reflecting on her future, Asha envisions continuing to inspire and help others, possibly through speaking engagements or further developing her creative and charitable projects. 

Shawn Ivan

Shawn, a rising junior, has demonstrated impressive initiative and commitment to personal growth through his planned activities for an upcoming summer. With a deep-rooted connection to his cultural heritage, Shawn is set to travel to Sri Lanka and India, engaging in meaningful activities that blend travel with personal development and community service.

During his stay in Sri Lanka, Shawn plans to conduct educational workshops for primary school students, focusing on algebra—a subject he is passionate about. His intent is to empower students who struggle with the subject, enhancing their confidence and understanding. By integrating his skills and interests, Shawn aims to transform his summer vacation into an opportunity for significant impact, leveraging his familial ties and local resources to organize these educational sessions.

Roan Price

Roan Price is a multifaceted student who seamlessly blends his passion for literature, particularly Dante’s Divine Comedy, with his creative endeavors in photography and mentorship.
He has engaged deeply with Dante’s works through a school course, finding personal and artistic inspiration that has fueled his photography projects. In one notable project, Roan creatively interprets Dante’s text through photography, capturing images that represent significant moments from the Inferno, which he has meticulously planned and executed, demonstrating both his technical skill and deep connection to the material.
Besides his artistic pursuits, Roan is a committed mentor, running the “Roanwrights Poetry Workshop,” which started with just one student. Despite the small class size, he used this opportunity to foster a deep and impactful mentoring relationship, focusing on creative expression through poetry. 

Roan is studying for the SAT and intends to have his college essays in good shape well ahead of deadlines.

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The True Calling

Elite Student Coach Logo

Elite Student Coach was born from a vision to combine Dan’s passion for mentorship with the increasingly competitive landscape of college admissions. Recognizing that success in this arena goes beyond grades and test scores, Dan focused on storytelling and the power of unconditional positive regard to help students reveal their true potential.

Today, Elite Student Coach stands as a testament to the belief that every student deserves a mentor who sees their potential and supports them in achieving their dreams. We are more than a college admissions consultancy; we are a community of mentors dedicated to helping top-tier college-bound teenagers succeed in school, work, and life.

At Elite Student Coach, we pride ourselves on being a well-kept secret in the realm of educational mentorship, akin to a speakeasy in the bustling city of academic preparation. Our founder, Dan Ulin, has cultivated a unique process that emphasizes personal connection, tailored support, and a deep understanding of each student’s individual journey.

Advantages of Elite Student Coach




Our journey together begins the moment you reach out. We understand that finding the right mentor for your child is a crucial decision. That’s why we start with a straightforward application process, followed by a personal conversation via phone or Zoom. This initial interaction allows us to meet with parents and students to ensure that we’re a perfect fit. Dan believes in the importance of this match, recommending other mentors if the fit isn’t right, underscoring his commitment to your child’s success over anything else.




Upon joining the Elite Student Coach family, we dive deep into understanding your child’s academic background, interests, and aspirations. Dan requests writing samples, grades from the past three years, current class lists, and any other materials that can provide insight into your child’s world. This comprehensive view allows Dan to craft a mentorship plan that resonates with your child’s unique needs and goals.





The core of our work lies in building a strong rapport with our students. Whether through weekly meetings, text messages, or the occasional phone call, Dan strives to create a supportive environment that encourages growth and learning. It’s about more than just academic success; it’s about teaching life skills, like communication and resilience, that students will carry with them beyond school.


The Workshop Model

In the world of education, where academic success often takes the forefront, Elite Student Coach stands out by emphasizing a holistic approach to teen development. Dan Ulin, the visionary behind Elite Student Coach, has crafted a unique workshop model that goes beyond traditional learning paradigms. This model not only nurtures academic excellence but also instills an entrepreneurial mindset in college-bound teens.

Empowering Through Mentorship

At the core of Elite Student Coach’s methodology is mentorship. Dan Ulin passionately advocates for a system where teens learn by teaching, thereby mastering not just academic subjects but life skills as well. Whether it’s through becoming a big brother or sister in knowledge or leading a workshop on a subject they’re passionate about, mentees are placed in the driver’s seat of their educational journey.

The Workshop Model: A Catalyst for Growth

Imagine a platform where teens can explore their interests deeply, whether that’s painting, music, or building social skills, and then share that knowledge with their peers. This is what the workshop model is all about. But it doesn’t stop at teaching a skill; it’s about mastering the art of marketing, communication, and mentorship. Dan Ulin illustrates this beautifully, highlighting how mentees not only earn by conducting workshops but also empower their students to envision themselves in their mentor’s shoes, potentially leading their workshops in the future.

Real-World Experience, Real Impact

The benefits of this model are twofold: teens gain confidence and practical experience in a supportive environment, and parents see tangible growth in their children’s capabilities and self-esteem. The result? A waiting list of eager learners and a sense of accomplishment for the mentors, who often save a substantial amount of money for college in the process.

A Future Bright with Possibilities

Elite Student Coach’s workshop model isn’t just about preparing teens for college; it’s about setting the stage for lifelong success. By breaking through barriers of doubt and discomfort, mentees learn the most valuable lesson: that the path to mastery and success is through trying, failing, and trying again.

This innovative approach to learning and mentorship is a beacon for wealthy parents seeking comprehensive development opportunities for their college-bound teens. Elite Student Coach’s model demonstrates that with the right guidance, teens can achieve their academic dreams while also becoming confident, capable leaders of tomorrow.