Elite Students, pay attention! Today, we’re taking a break from college apps and test prep to explore a valuable skill that can benefit you way beyond the classroom: teaching. Yes, teaching!

Now, you might be thinking, “Teaching? That’s for teachers, not students like me!” But here’s the thing: stepping into the role of a teacher can be a powerful learning experience in itself. Take Roan, a rising junior at UCLA, for example. 

RoanWrites: From Passion Project to Teaching Powerhouse

Fueled by his love for poetry, Roan launched “RoanWrites” – a weekend workshop for younger students. This wasn’t just about sharing cool rhymes; it was an entrepreneurial and educational adventure. From crafting a killer marketing campaign to building a detailed brochure, Roan learned the ropes of effective communication. Remember, reaching your target audience, in this case, parents, is key to any successful program. 

Teaching Isn’t Just One-Way Traffic

The workshop wasn’t just about Roan dropping poetry knowledge bombs. It became a dynamic exchange of ideas. Here’s the cool part: Roan discovered that the teacher-student relationship isn’t a one-sided hierarchy; it’s a collaborative partnership. Engaging with the students, learning about their perspectives, and even picking up new tricks from an eighth-grader – that’s what makes teaching so enriching. 

Adaptability: The Secret Weapon of Successful Teachers

As a first-time teacher, Roan had a meticulously planned curriculum, focusing on specific styles. But guess what? The classroom (or in this case, the workshop) is a living, breathing thing. Roan learned that adaptability is crucial. When students aced the first day’s material, he rolled with the punches, introducing new forms like acrostics and quatrains on the fly. This skill will serve you well – not just in teaching, but in all aspects of your academic journey.

Learning by Teaching: A Double Win

Here’s a hidden gem about teaching: the best way to learn something is to teach it! Roan’s commitment to leading the workshop forced him to dive deeper into poetry. He devoured new poems, enriching his own understanding of the art form. This mirrors experiences at UCLA, where sharing his favorite TV shows with others became an unexpected learning exercise.  

The Power of Giving Back

Beyond the educational benefits, Roan discovered the joy of giving back. Even though he charged a nominal fee, he donated the workshop earnings to his school’s theater program. This act not only demonstrated his community spirit but also boosted his credibility with parents hesitant about the workshop. Smart move, Roan!

The Final Rhyme

Roan’s weekend poetry workshop was a beautiful fusion of teaching, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. The lessons he learned aren’t just about crafting sonnets; they’re about communication, adaptability, and the power of sharing knowledge. As you navigate your academic journey, remember: teaching isn’t just for “teachers.” It’s a valuable skill that can enhance your learning, build connections, and leave a positive impact.

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