Elite Students, buckle up! Today, we’re diving into the world of a truly creative individual: Roan, a rising junior at UCLA. Roan’s story isn’t just about artistic passion – it’s a masterclass in collaboration, overcoming challenges, and turning a doodle into a potential TV show! Let’s break it down:

Foodie Fun: From Reviews to relatable Reflections

Remember those hilarious restaurant reviews you saw on Roan’s Instagram?  (If you missed it, go check them out!) It all started with casual food critiques, but Roan and his friend transformed them into witty commentaries on school life. They quickly realized their experiences resonated with their peers, creating a fun and relatable online space.

High School Hustle: Building Relationships & Confidence

Roan’s high school journey wasn’t just about grades. He emphasizes the importance of building diverse relationships – something every Elite Student needs! Navigating teenage challenges is easier when you’ve got a strong support system, and Roan learned that respect for oneself is key to navigating those tough times. 

Math Man Takes Flight: From Doodles to Dreams

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show: Math Man! What started as a simple math class doodle became a full-fledged comic series. Here’s the cool part: attending UCLA ignited a spark in Roan. Math Man evolved into a potential 9-episode movie! Roan dives into the collaborative process, the writing sessions, and the ultimate goal – Math Man on TV!

Collaboration is King (or in this case, Superhero!)

Roan’s story exemplifies the power of collaboration. Whether it’s brainstorming with his friend for those iconic reviews or working on the Math Man screenplay, teamwork is key! Remember, Elite Students, success rarely happens in a silo. Learn to leverage the strengths of those around you.

The Future of Math Man: More Than Just a Comic

This isn’t just a comic book anymore. Roan is planning commissioned theme music, exploring future collaborations, and taking Math Man to the next level. It’s a testament to the exciting possibilities that emerge when you unleash your creativity and pursue your dreams.

Embrace Your Multifaceted Self: A Glimpse into Roan’s World

This interview offers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of a creative mind. Roan tackles his studies at UCLA while nurturing his passion for humor and storytelling. Remember, Elite Students, it’s okay to have diverse interests. Embrace your whole self – it’s your unique talents that make you stand out!

Inspired by Roan’s journey? Remember, the key ingredients for success are passion, collaboration, and the courage to chase your dreams. So, grab your metaphorical pen, unleash your creativity, and who knows? Maybe your next doodle will become the next big thing! 

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