Forget pushy parents – Ariane Price is here to show us how empowering guidance raises an Elite Student! We recently chatted with this inspiring mom about her approach to parenting and college planning with her son, Roan. Let’s dissect her strategies and unlock the secrets to nurturing a student who thrives!

The “Vegetable of the Week” Hack: Spark Curiosity, Empower Choices

Roan wasn’t a veggie fan? Ariane, with the help of Roan’s mentor Dan, turned this hurdle into a collaborative exploration. The “vegetable of the week” initiative transformed healthy eating into an engaging adventure. This fosters curiosity and empowers Roan to make positive choices for his health – a valuable skill for any Elite Student!

Open the Door to Exploration: Diverse Experiences Build Well-Rounded Students

From music and literature to early college visits, Ariane exposes Roan to a spectrum of opportunities. This nurtures his passions and equips him with the tools to navigate not just college applications, but life itself. Imagine an Elite Student who confidently explores their interests – that’s the power of diverse experiences!

Embrace Self-Discovery: Finding the “Right Fit” for Authentic Growth

Ariane reflects on her own journey, highlighting the importance of self-awareness. Her switch from theater to film studies showcases adaptability – a key trait for Elite Students! By prioritizing environments where Roan can flourish authentically, she sets him up for long-term success.

Balance Guidance with Independence: Building Your #EliteStudent’s Wings

As a caring parent, Ariane recognizes the need for protectiveness. But she also understands the importance of independence. By seeking input from mentors like Dan, she allows Roan to learn from diverse perspectives, fostering his ability to make informed decisions. This balance is crucial for building an Elite Student who’s confident and self-reliant.

Beyond the Transcript: A Holistic Approach to College Admissions

Elite Students are more than grades! Ariane prioritizes a holistic approach to college planning. She looks beyond academics to find an environment that nurtures Roan’s personal and intellectual growth. This ensures he finds a vibrant campus culture where he can truly thrive.

Ariane’s story is an inspiration! By fostering a supportive environment, embracing curiosity, and advocating for her son’s well-being, she empowers Roan to become an Elite Student ready to conquer any challenge. Remember, Elite Student Coach is here to guide YOU on your journey to success. So, take a page out of Ariane’s playbook, and get ready to soar!

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