Hey high-achievers! Ever felt like there’s more to life than textbooks and tests? You’re not wrong. Today, we’re taking a break from the grind and diving into the inspiring story and lessons of Pauline Broberg, a music therapist who went from concert stages to the bedside of those facing end-of-life care. Here’s what we can learn from her journey to optimize our own performance in every aspect of life.

From Penn to the World: A Music Therapist’s Journey

Pauline didn’t just coast through college at Penn. She actively pursued her musical passion, showcasing the hustle it takes to excel in any field. Remember, success isn’t just about grades, it’s about chasing your dreams while you build your skillset.

The Power of “Why”:

Pauline’s story isn’t just about music; it’s about connecting with people. This is a powerful lesson for every high achiever. Identify your “why”: what drives you to excel? Is it making a difference? Helping others? Uncover your purpose and use it to fuel your academic journey.

Global Mindset = Elite Results:

Pauline’s travels exposed her to diverse cultures. This international experience broadened her perspective and honed her communication skills. Remember, the world is your classroom. Embrace opportunities to learn from different cultures – it’ll make you a more adaptable and well-rounded student.

Empty Nest = Time to Invest:

Pauline’s story reminds us that life doesn’t end after college applications are sent.  As you prepare for your own launch into the world, remember, there’s always space for self-discovery. Pauline leveraged her newfound freedom to delve deeper into her passions. Take a cue – schedule in time for hobbies you enjoy, it’ll recharge your mental battery and boost your overall well-being.

The Takeaway:

Pauline’s journey is a masterclass in living a holistic, high-achieving life. It’s about excellence in academics, passion outside the classroom, and using your skills to make a difference in the world. Remember, high school, and even college, are just chapters – not the whole story. Use this time to explore, discover, and design a life that truly resonates with you.

Now go out there and level up your life!

P.S.  Feeling inspired by Pauline’s story? Explore music therapy programs in your area. Who knows, you might be the next person using music to create positive change in people’s lives!

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