Hey there, Elite Student fam! Dan here, and today I want to talk about something all too common: math anxiety. Specifically, the fear that grips many students when they face the mighty beast known as algebra. 

Now, I recently had a fascinating conversation with Shawn, one of our incredible Elite Students, about his upcoming trip to India and Sri Lanka. While discussing how he could use some of his time there productively, we landed on a truly awesome idea: helping other students conquer their algebra fears! 

But here’s the thing – Shawn wasn’t just interested in teaching algebra. He wanted to create a workshop specifically designed for students who struggle with confidence in this subject.  

Why is this so powerful? Because as Shawn shared, he himself battled with feeling “less than” during his own journey with reading comprehension in seventh grade. But through practice, perseverance, and a little self-discovery, he emerged victorious. 

This is the magic we want to bottle up! We want to show students that the answer often lies within them. They just need a guide to help them unlock their potential and build that much-needed confidence. 

So, here’s what Shawn’s workshop could look like:

  • Focus on struggling students: We’ll target students who might feel discouraged or even “stupid” when it comes to algebra. 
  • Confidence-building foundation:  We won’t just throw formulas at them.  The workshop will start by acknowledging their frustrations and creating a safe space to unpack those anxieties.
  • Unlocking past successes: We’ll help students identify moments where they’ve triumphed in math before.  This “aha” moment reminds them they already possess the tools to succeed. 
  • Practice makes perfect (and confident):  We’ll incorporate engaging activities to solidify their understanding and celebrate their progress. 

The goal? Not just to teach algebra, but to empower students to approach any challenge with a “can-do” attitude. 

This is the Elite Student difference! We don’t just focus on grades; we focus on building well-rounded, confident individuals who are ready to take on the world. 

Stay tuned as we share more details about Shawn’s awesome workshop (and maybe even get a glimpse into his journey in India!).  In the meantime, remember, confidence is key!  So, let’s help our students unlock theirs and watch them become the Elite Students they were meant to be.

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