Attention all #EliteStudents! Feeling lost in the college application maze? Take a page out of Dahlia’s playbook as a Dual National! This international business freshman at Northeastern University just navigated a journey that went from dual-national life to conquering the global business world. Let’s dissect her strategy and unlock the secrets to landing at your dream school, no matter your background!

Double the Culture, Double the Advantage!

Growing up Dutch-American, Dahlia embraced the power of diverse perspectives. This bicultural background isn’t just cool – it’s a superpower! It equips her with adaptability, cultural fluency, and a unique worldview – all essential for success in international business. 

Exploration is Key: Finding the “Right Fit”

Initially drawn to Dutch schools, Dahlia realized location wasn’t everything. She prioritized finding a place that nurtured her potential, regardless of borders. This open-mindedness led her to explore universities across the globe, from Amsterdam to Denver and even sunny Southern California!

The College Search Symphony: Research, Research, Research!

Don’t underestimate the power of research! Dahlia meticulously compared programs at the University of Amsterdam, USC, University of Denver, and Northeastern. This due diligence helped her identify the perfect fit – Northeastern’s Explorer program for undecided students. Talk about a program designed for #EliteStudents who thrive on exploration!

Conquering the Application Beast: Support is Your Secret Weapon!

The application process can be daunting, but Dahlia didn’t go it alone.  She leaned on her family, mentors, and advisors for guidance and encouragement. Remember, #EliteStudents know the power of a strong support system!

From Music to Markets: Embracing the Evolution of Passions

Dahlia’s academic journey might have taken an unexpected turn, but that’s the beauty of exploration!  Her initial interest in music and education evolved into a passion for international business. This demonstrates the fluidity of passions and the importance of staying open to new possibilities.

A Global Citizen Takes Flight:  The Future of International Business

Now, as an international business student, Dahlia is ready to rock the global market! Her coursework in accounting, microeconomics, and international affairs reflects her commitment to understanding the complexities of the world stage. 

The Takeaway: Embrace Your Journey, Own Your Future!

Dahlia’s story is a testament to the power of exploration, adaptability, and lifelong learning.  Her journey may have had unexpected turns, but each detour shaped her into the well-rounded #EliteStudent she is today. So, take a deep breath, embrace your unique path, and get ready to conquer the college search! Northeastern (or your dream school!) awaits!

Remember, Elite Student Coach is here to guide you on your journey. Reach out, explore your options, and get ready to write your own college success story! 

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