So, college apps – they’re kind of a big deal, right? Stacks of papers, essays, tests… it can feel overwhelming. But fear not, future scholars! Here’s the lowdown on a recent chat between HJ Paik, a boss in the business world, and Dan Ulin, all about getting into college and, more importantly, thriving once you’re there. 

The Essay: Your Secret Weapon (Not a Snoozefest)

Forget boring essays that sound like they were written by robots.  Admissions officers are people too, and they want to read something that shows who you *really* are.  What are you passionate about? What makes you tick?  Write about that in a way that’s honest and engaging – that’s the key to standing out!

Tutors: Helpful Hand or Crutch?

Tutors can be awesome for a study boost, but don’t rely on them for everything.  College is all about learning on your own, and if you rely too much on someone else explaining things, you might struggle when you’re on your own. 

Parents: Your Cheerleaders (Not Your Drill Sergeants)

Listen up, parents! We all want our kids to succeed, but pushing them too hard can backfire.  Let your teens breathe, learn from their mistakes (we all make ’em!), and figure things out for themselves.  This builds independence and resilience, which are way more valuable than just good grades. 

Chill Out About Culture

There are stereotypes about parents from different backgrounds, but guess what? Every family is different!  The important thing is to find what works for you, celebrate your heritage, and forge your own path when it comes to education. 

The College Scoop: It’s Not Just About Grades

Colleges aren’t looking for robots with perfect scores.  They want well-rounded people who love learning and can contribute to the campus community.  Show your passions, your personality, and why you’d be a great fit – that’s what admissions officers are looking for. 

Be You, Be Real: That’s the Golden Ticket

The most important takeaway? Be yourself! Generic applications and fake essays are a snooze.  Show your true colors, your talents, and your dreams.  That’s what will make you stand out and get you on the path to a college experience that rocks!

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